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Friday, May 02, 2008

Two-fer Response; David vs Goliath (Girl)

In the April 23, 2008 edition of the Skaneateles Press, Ellen Leahy ( ) wrote an 'opinion' about her fond memory of 'A Feldmann'. I would reprint the article here, but I cannot find it at their page. It was a funny, but slammy, rememberance of Ellen and her friend at a local bar (30 years ago) being approached by one of the Feldmann Boys, being offered 'a beer', and then 1 beer for 2 girls being delivered.

Below is my light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek reply (which by the way, Ellen 'forgot' to publish the following week). So, I am feeling like David fighting the Goliath (Girl).

Am I taking this too seriously? Is this just a funny story, sadly at my expense? Or do (small town) newspapers have an obligation to at least publish re-buttals when they write stuff better left to personal diaries.

Are you a local? Have something to chime in with? Feel free to reply.

Legend, lore and tradition.

Hi, Curt Feldmann here, in reply to the delightfully funny story of buying two girls one beer.

While I don’t remember the incident, I have no doubt that something like that happened; indeed I spent much of my youth in local taverns. Certainly, I had no idea that I was memorialized in local legend and lore.

That said, I would like to offer some alternative versions. If anything, I was known to buy too many people too many beers, including myself. Perhaps I bought two for you and drank one between the bar and your table. Perhaps I was hitting on only one of you ( and you will never know which one).

Aside: My wife Toni (with whom I am hopelessly in love) took a five week road trip last Fall, traveling and staying in as many small communities as we could (or could not) find. The result was a reality check about the uniqueness of Skaneateles. Much of that, of course, are many people knowing many stories about lifelong friends still living and working and eating and drinking in the same places.

Perhaps we can have some fun with this forum. Not wanting to publicly slam or humiliate anyone, I will limit my suggestions to those that only would embarrass me. Perhaps others would like to add good-natured stories to the fabric that makes our community so special.

For example: Does anyone remember before the Gazebo we had a Porta Pottie and that it was discovered on the swim raft one morning? Does anyone remember the “It-Ain’t-A-Cathedral” ‘house raft’ with women’s lingerie on the halyards, moored outside the Mayor’s Office?

A couple of years ago, I started (and never finished)
as an experimental blog about our community and my business. Especially the earlier entries, there are some tongue-in-cheek posts. Feel free to sign in and write some memories about legend, lore and tradition. But please, be gentle. Or, you can start your own Blog at which is a new, free community resource offered by the folks at Briel Design.

Writers Note: Next time your sister is in town, call me. I will buy you both another beer. And we can trade stories about things that may, or may not, have happened. You can leave the tip.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Skaneateles, NY Secret Places

Secret Places
We Live Here and We Love IT! Best of all we willing to show you why!
Secret Places is a customized walking / driving tour FREE to anyone who asks. (Of course if you're a registered guest at one of our
Skaneateles Suites Properties you will get the really good stuff!)
Free for asking, just walk up to any member of the Suite Dreams Team. Then, you tell us about your interests; wineries, history, shopping, outdoor adventure, sitting on bar stools or, well, you tell us.
Then we scratch our heads and give you a walking or driving map of some very cool Secret Places to Go and See or Do. Best of all, it's FREE!

OK, we know you want to know some Secret Places right now.Start at the Boutique Hotel at 12 Fennell Street, Skaneateles, NY 13152 and walk AWAY from the Village to the Creekside Books and Coffee Shop. then over the little bridge at Kelly Street to The Creamery (that's our Historical Society and Museum), then down Hannum Street for a view of the lake you won't get from any other direction.