Skaneateles is a Storybook Village. We know because we live here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

GingerBread House

This is GingerBread House, and you could live here. We live here, and we love it. The Village that is.

The folks that own GingerBread House currently live in California. HA! They know where they want to be... in the StoryBook Village.

Skaneatele Suites for details.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunrise Rotary & WinterFest

Are you an early riser? I know I am up every day at 5, usually doing important things like writing blogs, while my wife Toni sleeps in. Except for Thursdays. Thursdays she [virtually] bounds out of bed to go to Sunrise Rotary.

It is there that some actual important things take place like planning for the Skaneateles Rotary Winter 2007 Festival, January 28 &28.

So give them a hand, please.
1. Link to this blog. At least pass it along.
2. Join the Sunrise Rotary, have breakfast with Toni Thursday Mornings
3. Mark your calendar for WinterFest 2007

Here are some links from their webpage:

Meets Thursday Morning, 7-8 am
at Skaneateles Hilltop Restaurant, Skaneateles NY

President, Rhett Weiss
John Paddock
Elaine Taggart
Toni Feldmann
Past Provisional President,
Doug Hill

Pavilion Photo PageWinterfest

One last thing, you will have a much better time at Rotary Winter Fest if you arrive early, then stay late which is easy to do if you have a room at Skaneateles Suites

The World is About Us

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And, they often use Skaneateles Suites

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Picture is Worth...Priceless

I don't get it, neither does Tom. Tom Watson, Photog, that is.

We manage other peoples property for them. Mostly that means we clean a lot of houses so we can them rent them, hopefully for a lot of money for the owner.

Which gets me to the photography part. Do you think I can get them [my owners] to pony up for professional photography? Nope. They just want the big rent checks without the costs. Geeze, guys. So lately we have been just buying the photography and burying it in the costs.

Wanna see what I am talking about?
Above is a picture taken by ME and my digital camera,

This is what you get from Tom:

Conclusion: Don't take 5 years [like I did] to discover a pictures say a 1000 words, and by the way, costs maybe a $1000, and by the way, pays for itself immediately with higher prices and easier sales pitches. Call Tom and tell him: "Curt days......blah blah". But first go to Tom's Page

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wanna be friends?

In case you don't know, the World Wide Web is going Local, and so is Syracuse.

That's because the whole world is too big a place when you want to know something about [say] little-old Skaneateles. It infuriates me to search for a hotel in a small village on Travelocity only to be directed to a chain hotel that is 45 minutes away. Grrr!

And that's why Google and Yahoo are making such a big deal about LOCAL searches and content.

And that's why my friends Cary and Chris have such a good idea at Syracuse Friends.

Mind you, I am happily married and intend to stay that way. But when I was a single man, about all there was to find someone was the barrooms. But that was before the internet, and now the new "social internet".

Need a new friend? Look to Syracuse Friends you may find them in your own back yard.

By the way, if it's a boy/girl kind of thing you find, we know a great place to celebrate: Skaneateles Suites

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Coffee at the Sherwood

I just had a great cup of coffee at the Sherwood Inn, historically a stagecoach stop and now an inn, restaurant and all round great spot in Skaneateles. They are kind enough to host a meeting of local travel business's, some of which are "the competition". I am not surprised, though, that the way we do things in the StoryBook Village.

The Sherwood Inn also takes reservations for The Packwood House, Hobbitt Hollow and the Village Inn. Find them at The Sherwood Inn

The photo is taken from their website.

Of course, if they are full, call us at the Skaneateles Suites

Skaneateles Tour Groups

I just gave a presentation to the Group Tour Committee about harnessing the power of blogs for promotion. The group is looking for new ways to attract Group Tours to Auburn, NY [which absolutely FULL of history, and, Skaneateles, NY which is our StoryBook Village.

If you are a travel person in the New York, New England area, you should consider making us a destination. Your travelers will thank you. Contact Chas Allan at World About us Tours

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Charles Dickens’s Visits Skaneateles, The Story Book Village

Charles Dickens’s Visits Skaneateles, The Story Book Village

Skaneateles is a cute-as-a-button Village located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. If ever there was a Must-Do it would be Skaneateles Dickens’s Festival. Every Saturday and Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas the Village shares it’s lifestyle with all visitors. Professional actors, dressed in Dickens’s period costumes, walk the streets and shops of the Village. Lot’s of locals dress up as well, and everyone is infected with the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come.

Think of it as street theater without a script. And don’t be surprised when everyone wished you well, tips his or her hat or holds open a door. That’s just the way we are.

Insider Tip: Avoid Saturday, it’s crowded. Better yet, spend the night on Sunday. The Chamber of Commerce has a list of places to stay. Better yet, check out [that's us] and call for more info 315-685-7568